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February 11, 2009


Wally Keeler

How about the case of Magan Muir, the woman who received 18 months of house arrest for plunging a 2-year-old boy's hands into a pot of boiling water requiring the child to undergo corrective surgery until he is 18 years old.

This woman plunged both hands up to the wrist. Once she had tortured this child, she set up a scenario to make it look as if the child had done an accident on himself, then she called authorities for help. The woman was a deceitful liar.

In the months after the incident she was charged by police with making harrassing phone calls against the mother of the child she had tortured.

The boy, an innocent vulnerable victim gets 18 years of corrective surgery, the woman gets a mere 18 months house arrest. This gentle sentence was generously given by a woman judge, who said that the woman was not a danger to society.

check it out here:
and here:

Women are the leading perps in violence against the most innocent and vulnerable citizens in our society, yet all too many feminists play down or outright ignore this sort of stuff. How pathetic is that?

Meanwhile, a female cop on the Port Hope police force busts a 20 year male driver for smoking in a car with a passenger under the age of 16. Meanwhile the 15 year old female passenger gets out of the car to light up a smoke. Would it be too much to ask if the girl was pregnant? but then again she has a right.

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Studies found that in households where there is abuse or psychological violence or other violence, the children are 15 times more likely to develop some kind of abuse as adults.

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