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February 11, 2010


Dan Cummings

Your sentiment is very valuable. And you are so right. Crimes against people are the worst of all crimes and should be treated as such. It's one thing to steal a car; it's something else again to slug a woman (or man) when stealing that car. Obviously, going beyond a theft to an assault to a sexual assault with implied death is a life-changer. That's why convicted criminals in such cases should receive special treatment, above and beyond other crimes. Williams, who has reportedly fully confessed to more than 50 crimes, including at least 2 murders, and will never again be a free man if our justice system works, is the worst of the worst, if convicted. I lament the victims, I applaud the police who caught him as soon as they did by excellent police work and few clues. I have followed this case closely as I live in the area and know how much a CFB Trenton base commander is normally revered. My best source for details from early on Monday has been www.NewsWatchCanada.ca which appears to be following this in detail, daily.

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I left a bad review on amazon for a rubbish book I had read. I gave the book 1 star. However it actually deserves 0 stars. Is it possibl for me to change this, and can you give a book 0 stars? I've clicked on "edit my review" but I don't seem to be able to make the star I gave it go away, it seems I can only increase the stars.

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